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Sarah-Lu, as a human being, and a practitioner, brings a depth of containment and a capacity to be with complexity in a dignified and artful fashion. In our session together I felt heard by an empathetic and non-judgmental heart and met not with rigid answers but open possibility and edges that supported my integration. Our exploration, which very much felt collaborative, was neither this nor that but remained flexible, curious, and present. 

Julie Macadam, Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Somatic Educator


Sarah-Lu's natal chart reading session with me was beautifully insightful and compassionate. As a self-described astrology skeptic, I found her offering to be an incredible mirror that invited me to attune to and consider my life (past, present and future) as a series of patterns. She is such a warm and empathetic person and creates a really safe, loving space for diving in deep. I loved it! 

Linda Macpherson, Board Certified Health Coach

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