Water In * Water Out

A group ritual... led by Sarah-Luella Baker

Come explore a group process of water in many forms.           

Move like water.
Learn like water.
Be water.
Allow water.
Connect inside and out with this precious interpersonal resource, through movement, art, music, and ritual.


Week One:       The Water Within, Opening

Week Two:       Current/Currency

Week Three:    Still Pond

Week Four:       Rainfall, Surge, Torrent

Week Five:        I Am Ocean, Freeze to Flow

Week Six:          Interstitial Wanderings, Closing


This six-week ritual includes:

6 two-hour in-person ritual classes

1 in-person, one-on-one session with Sarah-Lu

3 optional public rituals

4 pieces of original music

1 pdf booklet of inspirational writings, photography, and prompts

You will leave this ritual with:

A deeper understanding of your body's fluids
A body that can move with more ease and calm
Tools for self-expression and relaxing alignment
New perspectives on personal impact
Integration with the outside environment and landscape


Pricing for this maiden voyage of the course

is offered at a deep discount of $450

and is limited to six participants. 

Payment installments accepted.

Wednesdays April 13- May 18, 2022- 6:30-8:30 (public ritual times TBA)

@ room 202 The Phoenix Pharmacy Building on Foster, 4645 SE 67TH AVE

FOR MORE INFO PLEASE CONTACT: heartmarrowhealing@gmail.com