New Moon in Pisces

calling all ancestors

the benevolent

the loving

the kind




those who wield the power of empathy

those who see beyond the current of our times


calling all ancestors

the complex

the wounded-then-healed

the essence of the tulip

the call of the elephant

the fox eating her tail


calling all ancestors

those who sit firmly in their positions

those who constantly shift form

the bright

the blood

the soil of life

the calm

the river

the light of our souls


calling all ancestors

those future

those past 

those present in bodies on earth


calling all ancestors

for the land

for time

for love

for healing

for the rain

for oceans

and tides

for those entering and those leaving 

for the dying and the birthing


calling all ancestors

cere, now

calling all ancestors

yesterday, tomorrow

calling all ancestors

calling all ancestors 


calling all ancestors

to this hole in the human heart

to blast a bullet inside 

that blossoms on impact

a bullseye

explodes a crimson carnation


calling all ancestors

to the gaping chasm

of loss and scarring and wound

that winds around 

the lattice of the human tone

humming madly with sensation 


calling all love and ancestors

to the future memory

that beckons the depths of our sorrows

to climb into feeling

and ride tsunamis of grief

like a howling bucking wild horse 


calling all time and ancestors

to praise and bow to the art that is us

that we praise and bow to the art that is us

that we might praise and bow 

to the art that is us


like a light-filled darkness 

of integrated whorl


a hands up revelation 

within deep dark humus


a claws out etching 

with mineral pigments


sand covering oiled skin


moonshine licking up licorice


trees bending for us to ride 

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