the space of wildhood 

(like childhood only for wise, wild women)


radicle hearts,

we are powerful.


our wildhood is ruled by the inner gaze.

we make art/lives that are messy, generous, and liberating.


our myths cage us or set us free.


in our wildhood, we create new stories. 


we birth those stories and we shift culture.

we divine our futures.


we make space for the powerful myth

the communal myth

the myth that allows for all of us to 


breathe   *   touch   *   be




our radicle hearts live in pleasure.

our bodies light up when we allow them to feel

to move

to surrender

to flow

to rest 

to make real.

we open our eyes and hearts

to all beings- 

animal beings

plant beings


we are allowed to feel good

to give

to feel calm 

to receive

to feel full.


our bodies exist in space

our emotions exist in time



our radicle hearts are liberatory structures of exchange 

where everyone gets what they need in order to thrive in our world



our radicle hearts create time






and comfort 


for ourselves and others.



this is complex

and we believe in it


we want…



the real you 

the real me

the real us


radicle hearts,

we are powerful.